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At Orleans CrossFit we encourage people of all ages to come try a class!

Our coaches are highly skilled professionals who are capable of adapting and modifying any workout to any age level or skill level.

Whether you’re trying your first ever class or trying our OC60, OC30 or specialty class OCLIFT for the first time, you will feel comfortable and confident knowing that you’ve been progressed at the right speed to prevent injury and have you perform at your highest capability.

Our community is incredibly welcoming and anyone new to Orleans CrossFit will be greeted with a smile and open arms.

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OC60 is high intensity training at it’s finest and runs for 60 minutes. Workouts combine a variety of functional movements – everything from cardio and gymnastics to power-lifting and Olympic lifting. Every day brings something new, for both newer and more advanced athlete.  OC60 offers a broad exposure and stimulus, all time domains are a fair game, so get ready for everything! 



OC30 is fast paced and fun class running for 30 minutes. Workouts combine simple body weight, gymnastics, and light lifting movements for a high-energy workout. Short, sweet, and super sweaty! OC30 workouts will improve your conditioning regardless of skill level.  Ideal if you are new to CrossFit or tight on time!



Our primary focus during the Olympic Lifting class is on instructing and improving technical execution of the snatch and clean and jerk. Designed to help improve technique, efficiency, and coordination with: snatch, clean & jerk, and other related lifts. This class runs for 60 minutes.  



A full body workout specifically programmed with evidence-based research and experience includes cardio, muscular endurance, postnatal specific core work, flexibility and LOTS OF FUN!! Engineered to get you "Mom Strong" and provide you with the ENERGY you need to keep up with your growing family. Modifications provided for all fitness levels and post natal considerations. 



OCKIDS tailors CrossFit movements and workouts for kids (ages 5 - 12) to foster the love of fitness. By incorporating play with various functional and athletic movements that don’t always feel like hard work we encourage our little members to have fun through activities. Our classes are geared to the developmental stages of children and include personal direction from qualified coaches. Kids are challenged and feel accomplishment in every class. 



Orleans CrossFit offers 1-on-1 personal training with our coaching staff, where you’ll work to achieve your goals – whether it’s changing your body composition, achieving an athletic feat, or simply improving your overall fitness. Every personal training program is completely customized. We’ll examine your training history, needs, and goals to deliver the results you’re looking for. 


Sports Specific Program (Team Training)

Why choose our Sports Specific Program?

Orleans CrossFit is dedicated to increasing the athleticism of athletes throughout Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We have designed our Sport Specific Programs for the sports enthusiasts ranging in all ages. Our programming was created to help with the General Physical Preparedness (GPP) of all athletes in a team sport. Programs are tested and we guarantee improvements on overall fitness. We can accommodate large or small teams with or without equipment. 

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