Our facility is state-of-the-art, but not in the way of your typical big-box gyms. We don’t have elliptical or weight machines. We use your body and real weights to create free, natural movement. We only have machines that mimic functional movement, and none of those that don’t contribute to overall health and a lean, conditioned body. 

We welcome you to take a look around our box and our equipment - you won’t see full length mirrors but you’ll see results in your own mirror and in the fit of your clothes when you make the move to functional fitness. 

Orleans CrossFit is a member club where amateur and professional athletes train year-round. Majority of the members at Orleans CrossFit compete in the annual international competition the CrossFit Open. Several of our members are actively training to compete at the CrossFit Games.  The CrossFit Games are the ultimate proving grounds for the Fittest on Earth and are world-renowned as the definitive test of fitness after 13 seasons of international competition. Since 2010, fans from around the world have attended the multi-day festival, streamed the competition online, or watched on ESPN, CBS, or one of a dozen other international media outlets. The field of athletes includes national champions from over 120 countries competing for more than $2,300,000 in prize money.